Our Services

Falcon Fuels pays particular attention to contracting with Federal, State and local governments (including school and water districts). Our focus begins by being a responsive and responsible bidder. Our portfolio of contracts spans a wide range of customers and requirements and we work hard to understand each customer and their specific needs. Falcon Fuels can help design a bid and/or a fueling strategy that calls upon our years of industry experience.

Falcon Fuels offers a full range of price management programs. These programs include: daily, weekly and fixed pricing. A well-designed price management program provides cost-savings and accurate budgeting by locking in your fuel costs. We can find a pricing program that is right for you.

Falcon Fuels provides on-time accurate deliveries of all sizes (barge, truck and trailer, bobtail and wet-hosing) with GPS monitored delivery trucks (in Southern California) accessible via 24/7 dispatch. We also provide back office accounting support for custom reporting to help customers satisfy their special requirements.

We can accommodate and provide additional services. Please contact us to inquire.